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Bitcoin Mining Machines for Sale at Bitmainmasters

Here at Bitmainmasters, we offer an extensive range of products, from beginners level rigs to the most advanced miners available on the market today. Although originally, Bitcoins were intended to be mined using computer CPUs, very soon people realized that you could get far greater hashing power, using graphic cards and then even graphic cards were replaced by ASICs.

What is ASIC Bitcoin mining machine?

ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuits. Today, pretty much all mining operations are performed using ASICs. You can think of them as dedicated bitcoin generators.

When choosing equipment, there are several things to consider:

  • Bitcoin mining machine price;
  • Its efficiency;
  • Hash rate.

You can use one of many bitcoin mining profitability calculators available online to estimate the cost of return on the hardware. Don’t forget to include the cost of electricity in the account, since it will affect the profitability of your mining rig.

You can buy Bitcoin mining machine that suits you best at Bitmainmaster, we offer 180 days warranty as well as worldwide delivery services, free of charge!