Today, Bitcoin mining can still be a great hobby, and profitable, giving that you have relatively low-cost electricity in your area and highly efficient mining machine. In addition to that, it’s also a competitive hobby, which you should not forget, with China practically dominating the mining market.

But it’s still can be a fun experience to setup a rig and earn some money to buy something nice. Or reinvest into more Bitcoin hardware and keep on expanding your own little farm.

Either way, you need to have an idea of which ASIC miner would be most profitable for you. But first, for the newcomers, what is ASIC hardware?

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC as it commonly referred to is a designated hardware built specifically to mine cryptocurrency at a high speed while consuming less energy when compared to other methods like FPGA or GPU mining rigs.

So today we will take a look at 5 best miners presented on the market. As criteria, we’ll consider, efficiency, hash rate, and price, since these are pretty much all the parameters that you need to consider.

Top 5: Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

5. Antminer S7

The Antminer S7 was released back in 2015 and was widely accepted by the general public. Back then the Bitcoin was priced at just $225, just a tiny fraction of its current value. Since then, it has become somewhat of a golden standard of ASIC machines. Back after its initial release, it was one of the most efficient and profitable options available. Today, unfortunately, all things considered, the profitability of this thing is about a $1 a day. Why is it on the list? You might ask.

Well, first of all, it’s a historically important piece of equipment that changed the game, and not placing it here is equivalent to discussing thriller movies and not mentioning “Psycho”.

It is a time-proven machine, which is decently priced and can be used to safely and steadily convert your dollars into BTC. So there is still use in it. And it is extremely durable, S9 can mine for two years without practically any losses in hashing.

4. Avalon 721

Technically named, Avalon 741, but everyone just taking a cue from Antminers and leaving 1 digit at the end. It is rather a new model when compared to other miners on this list. The main reason why it is included on the list is it is the best option for cheaper entry level mining. It can be interconnected with 4 more Avalon 7s (if you would dare) to create a powerful 30 TH/s mining rig.

All things considered, this is probably one of the best Bitcoin miners for the beginners.

3. Avalon 741

Avalon 741 is a successor to previously listed Avalon 7. It’s pretty much a superior model in all aspects. However, this affects the price and availability of this particular ASIC. One thing that we particularly want to highlight is noise.

Unless your neighbors don’t really mind you constantly blasting 50-60 dB noise, it’s better kept in a well-isolated environment. It’s not the worst machine, in terms of sound, but this is pretty much the only problem that stops Avalon 741 from being the ideal home miner.

2. Antminer T9

When it comes to Bitcoin mining hardware comparison, Antminer T9 is a bit different from others, since it is not the strongest in terms of hashrate or efficiency, but it’s easily available at a reasonable price.

The problem with ASIC market is that the demand is much greater than a supply, and usually, people are waiting for weeks and month for the next batch of Antminers.

Not this one. You can purchase T9 model for around $1.500, and it will be shipped immediately to you.

1. Antminer S9

A couple of years from now, Antminer S9 will be regarded as the next game-changer just like S7 today and placed in the Top 5 list, where it supposedly doesn’t belong. Although it isn’t cheap, this miner has a hashrate of 14 TH/s.

It is the most efficient and advanced piece of mining hardware today. If you are really serious about Bitcoin mining – Antminer S9 can be your go-to choice without any doubt. Excluding all costs, such as electricity and pool fees you can reach 0.5 Bitcoin per month, again making it the most profitable mining machine. One of the best things about S9 is it’s quiet and small for its efficiency

The S9 model is available at Bitmainmasters for 1,699.00 USD, which is equal to 0.24417 BTC.

In Conclusion

Please bear in mind that the estimations, prices, and numbers that are given can very well (and most certainly will) change in time. For now, you can check out some of the best miners at our store. We offer our client free shipping and 180 days warranty for any purchase! We also provide ASIC mining hardware for other types of cryptocurrency such as Scrypt, Etherium and other.