The increased difficulty of Bitcoin mining makes it harder and harder to actually make a profit. So, naturally, the question arose – what is the fastest Bitcoin miner on the market right now?

Quite recently Bitmain has released the most profitable bitcoin miner to date – Antminer S9.

Being the fastest and most efficient mining hardware, S9 became very quickly the best-selling product at Bitmainmasters and other similar shops. The latest Antminer gained a lot of positive feedback from mining professionals and enthusiasts alike. So we’ve decided to go through pros and cons of Antminer S9 and give out our own thoughts on the fastest bitcoin mining hardware.

The Most Powerful Miner

Right of the batt, the Antminer S9 has a staggering hash rate of about 13TH/s, give or take 7%. Although you might find advertising suggesting the hash rate of 14TH/s, which is not the reality in most cases. But still, the actual number means that S9 can generate somewhere around ½ Bitcoin per month, this of course, excluding the cost of electricity.

But you need an additional PSU

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the S9 is that you cannot simply plug it into the wall. This particular miner requires an additional PSU. The suggested power supply unit for Antminer S9 is APW3-12, so consider adding the price of it as well to your estimations, whenever purchasing this mining hardware.

However, you can still use some of the older compatible PSUs to go with Antminer S9 and you’ll be just fine.


Antminer S9 is not only the fastest bitcoin miner, it’s also one of the most expensive. The price ranges from shop to shop, but its cost can go as high as $3,000 on Amazon. Of course, you can find it cheaper in many places, including our own shop.

This miner is so expensive simply due to its technological superiority. The S9 is also called the very first 16 nm process node ASIC. Although it sounds really cool, people who are not too familiar with electronics might also find this phrase meaningless. Simply put the smaller your process node is – the more of them you can put on a circuit, increasing the computational power of the machine. Previously, most popular miners where manufactured using 28 nm process nodes.


Because we are talking about Bitcoin – there is no certainty on how profitable you’ll be with any miner. Increasing mining competition, changes in the exchange rate and other factors can hugely affect how fast you’ll get your returns on the initial investment.

But, simply because S9 has the highest hashing rate when compared to any other equipment one thing can be certain – you’ll get your money back faster with S9, than with any other miner.

Different Batches – Different Antminers

The second drawback of the Antminer S9 is a variation of the hashing power from batch to batch. You might find yourself in a situation, where the only miners available don’t actually have 12.93 TH/s hash rate, but instead only 11.85 TH/s.

Since the hash rate of ASICs can vary with different batches, it is of paramount importance for you as a customer to read the technical specification and make sure that you’re buying a product that you want.

Comparing Antminer S9 to Competition

The best way to determine how good the Antminer S9, is to compare it with other popular BTC miners. Below you can find a table that compares the hashing power and pricing of the best ASIC miners on the market.

Miner Hash Power, TH/s Price, $
Antminer S9 Up to 14.0 2,980.00
Antminer S7 4.73 500.00
Antminer S5 1.16 140.00
Avalon 6 3.50 560.00
Antminer R4 8.6 1,000

Please Note: the prices shown above are just approximations, based on the average prices across multiple shops.

As you can see from the table, although Antminer S9 is much more expensive than any other comparable model, it’s hashing power is multiple times higher than any other. And the fact that it’s not too noisy or overheating very quickly makes it better than having an array of cheaper ASIC miners.

Is It Worth It?

Antminer S9 is definitely a great investment for anyone who wishes to mine BTC, the relatively low power consumption and its unmatched efficiency make this particular miner the best option available. Even its low-end batches with lower hash rate are still more powerful than any competition.

So the short answer is – yes, it’s most definitely worth buying. Antminer S9 will remain a golden standard of Bitcoin miners for years to come, even if it stops being the fastest bitcoin miner in 2018. If you wish to buy the S9, then check out our store at Bitmainmasters, where we offer the cryptocurrency mining hardware at affordable prices and with worldwide delivery. Plus you’ll get a warranty for your purchase.