There has been a lot of discussion regarding the new miners, particularly the Bitmain Antminer A3. The latest product, released by Bitmain and said to be one of the best, if not THE best Siacoin ASIC available on the market.

So we, at Bitmainmasters decided to take a look at the A3 and analyze it from multiple perspectives, including ROI, cost and of course we will talk about: is it worth to buy it?

Little Background on the Latest ASIC

First of all, the A3 is not designed to mine bitcoins, but rather the Siacoins, the alternative cryptocurrency that was gaining popularity quite a bit in the past few months.

So, already this particular mining hardware is an interesting option since it is not designed to gain any popularity from all of the Bitcoin coverage in the media. But there is definitely a huge business underline here, since the release of the Antminer A3 is clearly aimed at undercutting the upcoming Obelisk SC1, which is an ASIC, developed by a competitive company – Obelisk.

And seeing how Bitmain was eager to put out the hardware on sale and how much marketing value was put into it, there is no doubt that the company is very serious about remaining its leadership position as a go-to mining manufacturer. On top of that, the AntPool declared that it will provide a platform for Siacoin mining with the launch of Antminer A3.

Bitmain Antminer A3 Profitability & Technical Characteristics

The Hashing power of the Antminer A3 is 815GH/s, plus-minus 5%. This is an insane value, considering the competitive products that aren’t close, considering current network hashrate of 626.74 TH/s.

And the price of Antminer A3 at Bitmainmasters is $2,950.00 or BTC0.26252, which is relatively high when compared to other products available.

So if you exclude the cost of electricity and difficulty adjustments, the ROI for the A3 is somewhere around 1 week! Even when considering, the difficulty rising gradually and putting all fantasies aside, the ASIC looks really profitable.

Is it Worth it? All Things Considered

Bitcoin is still pretty much the king of all cryptocurrency, regardless of what anyone is saying. What’s really matters is that BTC is the only crypto coin that is getting any recognition in the mainstream media, and therefore it is only of its kind that is recognized by a general public.

This means, that buying Antminer A3 and mining Siacoin, have a certain amount of Risk-&-Reward thing going on. On one hand, you are taking a risk, by betting on a smaller coin that has a smaller community and less room for potential capitalization. On the other hand, you might be able to mine the Siacoins with low difficulty, before the price goes up and generate a great deal of profit. Just like with Bitcoins in the past, you cannot tell for sure right now.

Also, it is worth considering that Siacoin is one of the most interesting and promising cryptocurrencies out now. And a simple fact that Bitmain is betting on this particular coin right now is also giving it a lot of traction and an upper-hand.

Purchasing Antminer A3

Although it is too early to determine whether the new ASIC will be a hit, we can say that the most recent development will put Siacoin under the radar. We also can say for sure that Sia is a solid company that enjoys a steady growth in popularity. They offer a real product and we do believe that their coin has good prospects and a chance to play in the big-league.

And the Antminer A3 together with the AntPool Siacoin support could very well be that first step towards the big game. Most probably it will not skyrocket in price like, Ethereum did in the past and the mining community will be prepared for the shifting market.

You can purchase Bitmain Antminer A3 at Bitmainmasters, we offer free shipping worldwide and a 90 days warranty.