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A look inside America's largest Bitcoin mining operation

Welcome to Bitmainmasters

We are NYC-based cryptocurrency mining hardware shop, specializing in providing the finest equipment on the market! In today’s world, cryptocurrency mining is more competitive than ever before and to succeed in this enterprise, you’ll require high-grade ASIC miners.

At Bitmainmasters we offer a wide array of highly productive bitcoin mining hardware for sale at competitive prices.

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware?

While it is still theoretically achievable to earn Bitcoins without ASIC miners, the profitability of such operation will be extremely low and you risk severely damaging your computer. And USB miners nowadays don’t generate enough hashing power.

Please bear in mind, that in order properly mine cryptocurrency, besides miners, you’ll need a power supply, required to funnel and use electricity efficiently. You also need to consider additional cooling equipment to ensure that your bitcoin rigs will withstand the continuous operation and will last for a substantial period of time.

Customers Reviews

Great service, great products.
I live outside of US, so getting some specific mining equipment can be quite costly due to the immense shipping costs that many other companies (that will remain unnamed) charge you.
So I was delighted when I found out that these guys offer a completely FREE shipping WORLDWIDE! And they provide a 90-days warranty as well. First time buying with Bitmainmasters, I was incredibly pleased with my purchase, everything was in prime condition and my entire order arrived on time. Now I’m pretty much a regular customer. I really recommend using this website for all, the price is fair and services are good. Literally nothing to complain about!
12Mar, 2018
21Feb, 2018
31Jan, 2018
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